Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bring your escort ladies to the Pheasant Inn Cheshire

a shot of the pheasant inn in Cheshire

Nestled in the glorious, rural Cheshire countryside, The Pheasant Inn, Burwardsley, Ch3 9PF is a true gem in the Cheshire crown.  Set on the Peckforton Hills, The Pheasant boasts some of the most stunning panoramic views which incorporate the Welsh hills and the Cheshire Plains. The Pheasant Inn is a 5 star, award winning Inn which offers adorable accommodation, fabulous, wholesome food and a delicious selection of drinks in a magical and enchanting setting. 

The Inn is housed in a charming three-hundred-year old sandstone building which features original and historic structures yet offer modern and stylish facilities across the twelve beautiful en-suite rooms. The staff at this peaceful and well equipped retreat are attentive and pay close attention to detail, ensuring that your stay is wonderful in every way. With open fires, breath-taking scenery, gorgeous gardens and courtyards and of course top quality dining and accommodation, the Pheasant Inn promises a truly memorable and magical stay, and is a fantastic place to bring your Cheshire escorts.

Spending the summer months dining al fresco with the incredible views of the Cheshire Plains are moments to be savored forever or sat by the roaring open fires during the winter months, whist sipping fine wines and real ales is the coziest way to enjoy this spellbinding location.  The traditional gastro pub offers mouth watering meals which use only the finest and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients which are transformed into the delectable and homely dishes created by the award winning chefs. The drinks menu is extensive and offers a range of beers and world wines. Whether you are popping by for a well deserved drink and a bite to eat after a hiking trip around the area or whether a romantic weekend is the intention, the Pheasant Inn provides 5-star luxury combined with historic and picturesque surroundings in a truly beautiful part of the Cheshire countryside.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Film Pretty Woman and London escorts

Julia Roberts hit the big when she played a street walker, a hooker, in the film Pretty Woman, Richard Gere – the silver haired fox played the leading man, the guy who whisk the girl off the street and feel in love with her. He brought he from the street to his lavish suite at his hotel, there are some great scenes in that movie which involve her and the hotel manager.

A photograph of Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts – Vivian, the hooker with the heart of gold
Richard Gere – Edward, the wealthy businessman who gets lost and finds a lot more than he bargained for.
Laura San Giacomo – Kit, Vivians’ best friend, these two worked the street together as well as lived together
Hector Elizondo – Barney, the hotel manger who forms an unlikely alliance with Vivian and who helps her in her transition into the beautiful rose.
Jason Alexandra – Phil, a right wanker, the solicitor who tried to “bang” Vivian because he wanted to get back at Edward.

Pretty Woman Was a Great Movie

The movie came out in 1990 and was just lapped up by audiences around the world, I wonder what people would make of this type of film if it were remade but this time around featured a beautiful London escort – after all there are so many beautiful escorts in London.

The Movie is about Escorts

The only other drama which I can say that I have ever like which depicts the life of a call girl was the TV series ‘ Secret Dairy of a Call Girl” based on the books wrote by Belle De Jour we get to follow Hanna aka Belle on her adventures around London working as an escort and doing what she does. The first few series were brilliant by the end though it had got a little silly and just a touch unwatchable. Those last couple of series have got to be forgotten! Billy Piper played the part brilliantly, it was also great to see her body and what is amazing is the fact that when Billy was in character as an escort she looked amazing, dam right sexy, very fuckable but in real life the opposite was true, in real life Billie just didn’t put any effort into what she looks like, such a shame when you see her in role.

I do believe that there are a lot of men, and women, that use both as good wanking material, you can’t blame them, both characters are so sexy and there is most defiantly something about a escort, a call girl, or – if you want, a hooker, which makes us us shuffle a little in our seats, give us a stirring in our loins.